East face of storage facilityHow To Safely & Effectively Store Your Vehicle In An Automobile Storage Facility

Whether you plan to take a long vacation, winter is closing in and your classic car’s rubber won’t be meeting the road soon, or you are in the military being deployed overseas, it is not simply an issue of locking up and walking away. You need an automobile storage facility to ensure that your vehicle stays safe at a fairly stable temperature and protected from the elements. Here are steps to ensure that your cat stays protected and in great condition.

Cleaning it thoroughly is the first step. This might appear silly but leaving debris or bird dropping on the paintwork can cause damage to the finish. You also need to give the underside of the fenders as well as the wheels a proper clean to get rid of grease, mud, or tar. You can apply a coat of wax for extra protection.

If you plan to store the car for over 30 days, it is advisable that you change the oil. Leaving dirty oil can lead to bits of debris that may contaminate the engine. Consider filling up the gas tank. A full gas tank prevents moisture from accumulating inside and stops seals from drying out.

If you leave the battery unattended, it will eventually become flat but you can do some things to prevent this. You can have a relative or friend drive the car for 15 to 20 minutes every couple of weeks. This helps maintain the charge of the battery and ensures that engine components are lubricated. If this is not possible, you can disconnect the cable from the negative terminal. In such instances, you will most probably have to reset the calendar and stereo settings when you return.

Protect the brakes from fusing using a chock or tire stopper to ensure that the car does not roll as opposed to leaving the parking brake on. Tires can be more of a problem. If you store the car for a few months, tires can develop flat spots due to the vehicle’s weight sitting on the same part of the tire. Consider raising the vehicle onto jack stands then remove the wheels. While this may seem radical, but in case of long storage, the flat spots can cause permanent damage to tires. If tires are stored off the vehicle, this is no longer a risk.

Follow the simple but effective steps discussed above to ensure that your vehicle stays safe and protected in the automobile storage facility.

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