You’ll find a variety of storage units at Storage Made EZ. No matter what valuables you intend to store, we have a storage space suitable to keep them looking the way you left them.

Traditional Storage Units:

Safe and dry – the storage space we built our business on! With no climate features, this space is equivelant to storing your valuables in an outdoor garage. This is usually all you need, but for special items see below…

Humidity Controlled Storage Units

Humidity Controlled Storage Units

Temperature Controlled and Climate Controlled Self Storage:

When you need something more than just storing your valuables in an outdoor garage, or if you plan to spend a lot of time in your unit, a climate controlled unit may be for you.

Whether you have liquids or high end electronics you would like to store, harsh temperature changes can cause damage that can cost thousands or cause damage beyond repair.

Our climate controlled self storage units use an in floor radiant heat which heats in the winter and cools in the summer. Your valuables are protected from temperature extremes and the radiant heat helps keep your unit dry.

Humidity Controlled:

Humidity causes more damage than any other storage problem. Especially to electronic equipment like stereos, TV’s and home theater systems. It can infiltrate into almost anything. For those items that cannot survive high humidity like important documents, pharmaceuticals, wood furniture, antiques or anything that can be damaged by mold, mildew and corrosion we recommend a humidity controlled unit.

Humidity controlled storage is the result of careful research on the best way to protect valuables over time. These humidity control systems were developed to protect archives and sensitive electronics.


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