Decluttering, one of the most crucial tasks you have in hand each season. Or, just everytime you need some space and cleaning to do. With that, here are some of useful tips and tricks you may use in decluttering your home, even for your glam corner!

First is this article from Laura Capon of Cosmopolitan. Here, she shared how we can finally get our hands off the lipsticks we hoarded way back that we weren’t even using for the longest time.

Zoella’s Lipstick Declutter Is The Most Satisfying Thing You’ll See All Day

In my head I’m that kind of cool Glossier girl, who has a minimalistic makeup collection that fits into one clear makeup bag. In reality I have a set of those Ikea drawers that every makeup hoarder owns, rammed with MAC collections dating back to 2008.

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Up next is this article from Jim Shea of CT Post. When you’re a bit of a hoarder, you need to point out some details so you can finally organize and leave that kind of habit.

Mission Impossible: Attempting To Declutter

When I broached the subject about eliminating some of the major clutter in our home, my wife asked me when I was moving. I thought that was a bit unfair. Granted, I have five bikes. But then we have more dishes in our cupboards than they do at Downtown Abby. She suggests I could do with fewer bikes. I counter with the many advantages of paper plates.

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Mild hoarding is not an easy habit to cut off specially if you’ve been dealing with it for too long. But it’s better to start looking into how you could avoid  wasting space so you could make way for new ones!