For this article, we will be focusing on how to recreate items in your home without spending a lot of money. DIY items that you could use as a classy decoration in any ocassion.

First would be from Danielle Moskowitz of Today. She shared with us how to create a DIY wine bottle holder

The 1 thing you need to make this easy, DIY wine bottle holder

On their show, the husband-and-wife decorating team use old materials to give historical homes in Laurel, Mississippi an extreme makeover. Now, they’re showing us how to liven up our own houses with these extremely easy DIYs.

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Not only did they share with us how to make DIY bottle holders, they also discussed how you could spruce up the look of your stairs without spending a lot!

Next article is from Dena Fishbein from Tribune News Service. DIY Moss Lampshades look chic, right?

DIY: Moss lampshades are a perfect add to spring events

You’ll only be needing hot glue gun, wire lampshade frame stripped of all its fabric, different kinds of moss, etc.

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All these are do-able and you yourself can start even without any experience. It’s also a good bonding time with your loved ones while doing these projects. Start now and share with us your masterpiece!