Since fall is here, decluttering your house is a project everyone wants to commit in. This season, let us share with you some of tips and tricks you could use just so you could get rid of unwanted stuff that has been laying around under the bin for almost 6 months now.

First article is from Sonya McDaniel of The Shawnee News-Star. She shares with us how we could  improve our houses by decluttering this fall.

The Everyday Home: Fall de-cluttering

Have you noticed summer items and back to school items are both taking over your space!! Everyone deals with clutter from time to time and it can be overwhelming. Use our long weekend to tackle a few spaces and get organized going into the fall.

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Next is an article from Metro. They targeted a specific spot that you can declutter this fall, your home office.

Make over your home office for fall

Whether you work from home or find yourself often bringing work home with you, convincing yourself to be productive in the place where you live is always challenging. There are so many distractions and comfortable places to lounge, like, your bed, that it’s a wonder we ever get anything done.

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Goodluck on decluttering your home!