It has been a common knowledge that a lot of people are budgeting their lifestyle since living is not really that affordable compared to the old days. With that, a lot are switching to more budget-friendly but limited space types of apartments. Here are some of hacks on how you can save money (and space) when you live in a small apartment.

6 Legit Money-saving Hacks For Apartment Renters

From the moment you start searching for an apartment until your last goodbye to the landlord, there are numerous fees, utility costs and more than can make having your own place a little more expensive than you planned.

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Next is this guy, Adrian Crook, who shared with us how he and his family managed to live in a small apartment with his wife and 5 young kids.

3 Rules for Low-Cost Living, From a Dad Who Shares a 1,000-Square-Foot Condo With 5 Kids

The family lives small and saves big on time and money. “I’m a relentless maximizer,” says Crook, who recalls weekends given over to Home Depot when he lived in the suburbs. He rents his condo and isn’t tempted with renovations as he was when he owned a 2,500 square-foot home.

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Now don’t forget to use all these helpful hacks specially if you’re living in a not so spacious apartment or if you are planning on one. Remember, even if it’s small, should always make the best out of it!