You may be thinking of renovating your home since you see that most of the houses nowadays are being updated to a more modernized.  That’s a good take if you start thinking about the future! When the time comes that you want to finally move, you may be able to sell your property for more value after the renovation.

In this article by Forbes, they shared with us the do’s ad don’ts when it comes to renovating your house.

12 Home Renovations That Don’t Always Increase Your Property’s Value

Many homeowners planning to sell their property invest in expensive renovations with the aim of increasing their home sale value. However, some improvements can have the opposite effect and hurt a property’s market value if not properly researched or executed.

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Not only would you be able to update the look of your house, in the future, you can also make money out of it! most of renovated homes get higher appraisals and increases the property value.

Next article would also be about increasing the value of your property once you’ve decided to move out and how to protect your investment. Check out the article of Felicity Hannah from Independent below.

How to add value to your home and protect your investment

Protect even the smallest home from the threat of falling prices.

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“It isn’t always about the size of what we have, it’s about the design and the way we work with it and the sense of space. I mean, even cleaning your windows introduces more light into a room and makes it feel lighter and brighter.” as stated by them.

It’s not bad to start thinking about the future of your investment. Why not make the most out of it and make your future buyers happy?