Moving is not for everyone. To be fair, everyone hates it. All the packing, unpacking, out-of-budget expenses,and just, stress. But with these articles we were able to gather, we’ll be sharing with you some genius hacks to make your moving as smooth as summer breeze!

An article from Julie Peirano from Culture CheatSheet shared with us some life hacks of how to make moving so much easier.

These Genius Moving Tips Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Without a doubt, moving is one of the most painful processes in a person’s life; it’s right up there with switching careers or entering retirement. Moving can wreak havoc on a person’s overall health and general well-being.

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Tossing things you “may” not be using anymore may hurt but everyone needs to learn  to let go. Changing address ahead of time may be an added stress but it IS necessary. The tips given in this article is actually basic and yes, very helpful!

Next is from Stacey Doyle of Emax Health. She shared with us some tips on how to reduce stress when in the process of moving.

Is Moving House Stressful? Tips to Reduce Moving Stress

Is moving house stressful? When you have kids, a dog, and lots of stuff, it can quickly become a major stress zone. But there are ways to reduce the stress of a move and feel less anxious along the way.

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Having a plan, maintaining your usual routine, remembering to eat.. These all sound so hard to do when you are in the middle of stress with moving but believe me, it would help a lot to practice these things.

Moving is stressful but hey, enjoy it and still live life!