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Whether you’re looking for a Self Storage Unit to store your valuable personal belongings, or managing logistics for your business, chances are pretty good that you want to avoid dealing with unexpected hassles and surprises; long wait times, poor or offensive customer service, are JUST A FEW of the things you need to be concerned about. Here at Diamond Storage, we have built our business around making sure we fixed these typical problems, GUARANTEED (Click the button above to download our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee).

We are your Number One Resource for Self Storage Near Watertown NY!

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Rent A Storage Unit From Your Phone, Tablet or PC Now!Its That EZ!

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Rent A Storage Unit From Your Phone, Tablet or PC Now!Its That EZ!





Tips For Doing Business With A Storage Facility

When you need to be sure that you are doing your best to set aside your items for any reason, it will require you to rent from a storage facility. These facilities are great for you regardless of your needs, but you will need to learn the best ways to rent one of these facilities. Consider these guidelines below so that you can not only find the size and type of storage rental that you require, but that you also spend your money wisely and know exactly what to expect.

#1: Ask For Prices In Writing Before signing a rental agreement store your items, you will need to make sure that you have all of the prices in writing. This way, you will know exactly what charges you are responsible for and will not be taken off guard. We would be happy to provide you with an itemized listing of each and every charge for your monthly storage facility rental, so touch base with us to see the options that you have.

#2: Use Your Own Lock Or Buy One From Us:  In order to lock down your items with added protection, you should invest in getting a heavy duty lock. Rather than using a typical lock that you would buy in a store, you need to receive a heavy-duty commercial lock that can keep your items safe and sound. This doubles down on the protection that you receive from the storage rental itself and will allow you to make sure that no one would be able to break in and steal your items.

#3: Get Added Rental Items: When using a storage, there are many other items that you can rent as well. For example, you can rent a dolly in order to roll your items from one point to another and stack them however you need to. You can also rent box crates that you can stack your items on top of. Further, make sure that you have cleaning supplies in order to prevent fewer items from accumulating unnecessary dust throughout the course of the rental period.Use these points and call us up to see the options we have for you if you are looking to rent a storage unit. We are a great business that will be glad to provide you with whatever you need in this regard.

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Rent A Storage Unit From Your Phone, Tablet or PC Now!Its That EZ!
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